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Legal Mentions

Use Policy

By registering as a user of this website and its services you accept the following terms and conditions: 


Use of the website 
The JavaLand website and its services may only be used for the statutory purposes of DOAG e.V. DOAG may add or amend services at any time or discontinue services without prior notice and without stating its reasons for doing so. DOAG may also impose time restrictions on the use of its service, e.g. due to capacity limits or technical issues. Users shall not have the right to file a claim for availability of these services. It shall not be allowed to interfere with any services offered by DOAG in any way and any such interference may be pursued under civil and criminal law.


User registration 
Users shall have to register for free to make full use of the services offered by DOAG. Registration shall only be open to natural adult persons. Users shall not have the right a file a claim for registration. DOAG shall reserve the right to refuse registrations. Registrations may be deleted at any time. However, in this case, entries shall be stored and rendered anonymous.


User obligations 
Any password selected during registration shall be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties. Users shall not make DOAG accessible to third parties using any third-party data. Any loss or abuse shall be reported immediately. 
Users shall conform to social conventions of respectful and polite interaction when taking part in debates or making any contributions on DOAG. It shall be prohibited to use, disclose, provide or disseminate any violent, racist or pornographic content or content that is any other way contrary to public policy or accepted principles of morality. Any violations may result in the deletion of the registration and the temporary or permanent exclusion of the user. 
Each user shall be accountable for any content provided, disclosed or disseminated by them through DOAG. Users shall ensure that they have the necessary rights to the content and shall not infringe any third-party rights. Users shall obtain the approval of any person depicted other than the users themselves. 
Users shall indemnify and hold DOAG harmless of any third-party claims arising from the negligent violation of any third-party rights committed by the user by posting any content on DOAG or by making any other use of the services provided by DOAG.


Liability of DOAG 
In its capacity as a service provider, DOAG shall not have the duty to monitor any information transmitted or stored or to search for circumstances that may suggest illicit activity.  
DOAG and its agents shall have unlimited liability for damages suffered by users arising from injury of life, body or health resulting from intentional or negligent breach of duty or for any other damages arising from intentional or negligent breach of duty or fraudulent intent. DOAG shall also accept unlimited liability for damages covered by liability under mandatory legal regulations, such as the German Product Liability Act, as well as in the event of any guarantees provided. In case of damages where liability is not excluded, DOAG's liability shall be limited to damages that could reasonably be foreseen due to the nature of the relevant contractual relationship.


Amendments and final provisions
DOAG shall reserve the right to amend the provisions of this use policy at any time without stating its reasons for doing so. All users and ambassadors shall be notified of these amendments and shall have the right to file a notice of opposition. Should an opposition be filed, DOAG shall reserve the right to terminate the use with three days' notice.
Should one or more provisions of this use policy be invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. 
This use policy shall be governed by German law.